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2013-10-29 10:08:55
Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is October 31st, a time for fun with friends, family and neighbors with children trick-or-treating door-to-door. Most people are friendly and nice, but there are some that play cruel tricks on children in an attempt to ruin their good time.

You can help make the evening of Halloween a safer event for everyone. Even those who do not take part in the event can help by watching out for trick-or-treaters. Parents should bear in mind that 'fake' weapons such as guns, knives and swords should be made of materials that are soft and flexible to prevent injuries. Props for children that actually look like a real weapon should be avoided completely.

Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters:

• Be part of a group and don't stray from the group, there is safety in numbers

• Don't enter the home of a stranger.

• Never accept rides from strangers.

• Carry flash lights and wear reflective clothing so you can be easily seen.

• Don't take shortcuts through backyards, parks or alleys.

• Be alert, have fun but don't let your guard down.

Safety Tips for the House:

• Keep a porch light on so trick-or-treaters will know to visit and can see where they are walking.

• Remove yard clutter that trick-or-treaters may trip over.

• Secure your pets to protect both the visitors and your pets.

• Use battery powered jack-o'-lanterns instead of ones with candles.

• Avoid giving homemade treats. Responsible parents do not allow their children to eat homemade treats unless they know the person making them.

Safety Tips for Parents:

• Young children should be accompanied by an adult.

• Check your child's candy before they consume it. Anything suspicious should be discarded!

• Feed your children before they set out. This should help discourage them from trying their treats before you can check them.

• Know where your child is and whom they are with.

• Buy flame retardant costumes and consider using make-up rather than masks. A mask may obscure your child's vision.

• Costumes should be light in color or have reflective tape put on them.

• Costumes should be made from light materials to avoid dehydration and other heat related issues.

Additional Safety Tips Can Be Found At:


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